Continuing to supply dancers, their schools and their teachers…

These are incredibly challenging times for us all as we adjust to radical changes in the way we live and work.

Here at Dancing Boutique, whilst listening to Government guidance, we have been burning the midnight oil to establish how we can do the right thing by our team, our customers and our suppliers.

As a small, family business we are reliant on the support of our many walk in customers, prebooked Pointe shoe fittings, online orders and the vast number of schools we serve with uniforms and dancewear.

Our aim is to stay available for our customers in-store and online for as long as we can. We plan to be creative, but if you want it, and we have it, we will ensure we can supply it.

If you want to talk to us about anything you need, give us a call on 01892 529720 or email us on

Our website is being loaded with more stock as we speak and gives a handy link to schools and the uniforms you need here.

We plan to keep the store open but our hours will change but we will keep you posted of when we are open on our website and through our social media channels at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Stay safe, stay well and keep dancing – Mark & Kate Curtis

Pointe Shoe Fitting Top Tips!

So your teacher has told you that you’re ready to start pointe work – one of the most exciting milestones in a young dancer’s life! Anyone who has watched their idol dancing at the Royal Opera House dreams of the day they can take those first few steps on pointe.

Adolescent feet are still growing, and it’s important to make sure your shoes are fitted correctly. These are our top tips to make sure you get the perfect fit:

  1. Book an appointment with a pointe shoe specialist

Call up the shop you want to visit so that they can make sure they have enough staff present for to devote time to you and your fitting.

Don’t forget that all staff at The Dancing Boutique are fully trained in fitting all makes of point shoes, and we stock all main brands in our Tunbridge Wells shop!

  1. Wear the correct attire

It’s really important that your wear your regular ballet tights to get a really fantastic fit, and leggings are useful as they allow you to fully bend and stretch to check the fit of the shoe in all positions.

We stock many types of tights – why not stock up whilst you’re here?

  1. Talk about toe pads

Most dancers prefer to wear toe pads inside their shoes for extra protection. It’s a good idea to wear these whilst your shoes are fitted as they may make quite a difference to the fit.

At The Dancing Boutique we stock a wide range of toe pads and we are happy to talk your through the different options available.

  1. Be honest with your fitter!

Nobody has any idea what pointe work is meant to feel like before they start it. Be honest with your fitter – although they will talk your through all elements of the fitting, your feedback is essential to make sure that the right shoe is chosen for you.

  1. Looking after your shoes

There are many different preferences for looking after pointe shoes. Most dancers want to create a non-slip surface on the toe platform, and this is usually done either by darning the platform or using a stick-on suede tips. As with your soft satin shoes, pointe shoes are secured to the feet using ribbon and elastic.

If you’d like any information about how to look after your shoes, then speak to us in store – we’d be pleased to talk through the process and have a wide selection of accessories available.

Once you and your fitter have decided on a pair of shoes, they will advise you where to put your ribbons and elastic. You are then ready to go! It’s always a good idea to show your ballet teacher your new shoes before attaching any ribbons so she can confirm the fit before letting you dance on pointe.

If you have any questions about pointe shoes, fitting, accessories or how to care for your shoes then give us a call or visit us in our Tunbridge Wells shop.